Rhino not opening STL files with Drag-Drop

When I drag and drop STL files into Rhino 5 (SR 14), Windows 10, the command line reports that the file is successfully read, but there is nothing there - SelAll does not find any objects.
I can open or import those files from inside Rhino (with _Open or _Import).

Hi John - this works here - Do other file types work with drag and drop?


Works fine for me too.

  • Are you running in Safe Mode so not plug-ins are loaded?
  • In Options > Plug-ins, is the STL Import plug-in loaded?

The plugin is loaded. Dragging and dropping 3dm and dwg files works fine. It used to work OK for STL some time ago.

Hi John - hm - weird - so, it goes through the motions on drag and drop but no real action - right? What if you choose ‘import’ on the drag and drop rather than ‘Open’ with the same filr - does that also fail?


When I choose ‘import’ it does the same. The command line reports that the imported file was successfully read, but no objects show up.
It works fine in Rhino 6 WIP.

Try this:

  • Drag your STL file into V6
  • Use SaveAs to make a new STL file

See if you can open that STL in V5

Here is what I see when I try to save it as STL in V6

That’s just bizarre.
I just now use SaveAs to make an STL in an over-night build of V6.
Are you running the latest WIP?

Hi John - is there more than one stl export plug-in showing in Options > Plug-ins?


There is only one STL Export in V6 and I installed WIP yesterday.

If it were me, I’d try Uninstalling the V6 WIP and reinstalling it again.

Since the problem seems to be related to a file placed by the installer (as this looks to be), then this just might fix the problem.