Rhino not loading PLY mesh with vertices as doubles

The title is not 100% precise, Rhino does open the PLY file but the mesh is invalid. I can select the mesh, and this is the object properties details:

  ID: 32b117c1-9507-495b-9248-96841afa04b8 (2717)
  Object name: (not named)
  Layer name: MeshLab ASCII pymeshlab
  Render Material: 
    source = from obj
    index = 6
    Invalid mesh.
    Open polygon mesh: 225 vertices, 446 faces with normals
      Bounding box: (1.08132e-10,1.08132e-10,1.08132e-10) to (1.08132e-10,1.08132e-10,1.08132e-10)
    Geometry UserData:
      UserData ID: 480BCCF7-2887-4871-8385-B68894D4D9B8
        description: Tibidabo Geometry Runtime Data
        saved in file: no
        copy count: 0

Hence the points and faces are all there but infinitesimally small. It could also be that VisualArq plugin is causing this.

The mesh was saved with pymeshlab. It seems that, contrary to the GUI MeshLab, it saves the vertices coords as doubles and not float. I suspect this is what is the root of the problem but I’m not entirely sure.

convex_hull_ASCII.ply (18.5 KB)

PS: Saving the mesh as binary does not cause the problem, which is odd. But, I’m being forced to work with ASCII for compatibility with Compas.

Hi Filpe - I see that, thanks - all points are coming into 0,0,0, I’ll ask the deveoper.

RH-71547 File IO: Ascii ply file incorrect
@Filipe_Brandao indeed the doubles are the problem we’ll fix it, but for now, if you edit the file and change

property double x
property double y
property double z


property float x
property float y
property float z

and save, the file will read in correctly.

Thanks @pascal! I will try that.