Rhino Nature Plugin - Alpha stage is completed

It’s been a while again so to give small tease whats possible with RN sharing those images which were created in real production pipelines during beta - we are pushing RN to its limits

FlyingArchitecture for OF.Studio UVL hotel, Argentina

Doliwa Workshop for NOVI Architects, House in Droszków, Poland

Both made without leaving Rhino environment :rhinoceros:

Stay tuned! The release is closer than you think :wink:


I can’t wait - this is amazing!

I don’t believe this @D-W

good job, congrats!!

So how’s it coming along?
It’s surely been some time since your update at the end of july :slight_smile:

Well, to be honest, I planned to release at the current time in Q4 this year… Though unexpected things happened like COVID stuff, my country performed full lockdown once now we have a second “almost full” lockdown, and everybody needs to pay the bills so some priorities have changed along the road…

Anyway, no worries RN is constantly improved. Huge applause here to @Nikolay as we made bridge working seamlessly so VRay users will be able to utilize full RN power on day 0!

Also Octane users are able to utilize full RN power and ready to roll on day 0 - applause to @pkinnane !

Unfortunately @nathanletwory told me that Cycles support is not considered for now - this may change in Rhino 7.

If any other dev is interested to be present on the support list on day 0 please contact me I’ll provide everything you need to get up and running.


Sweet mamba!
That really looks nice!
A quick question regarding the videos you just uploaded: What GPU do you use?
Oh, and no pressue… but is there an ETA as to when we can roughly expect things to appear for us users? Considering the COVID and all of that of course.

Keep up the great work!
(I’ve missed something like this for Rhino, for far too long!)

Thanks, I’m trying to do my best :wink:

Don’t know why that would matter here - Quadro M5000m - vids were made on laptop, so don’t worry about performance as this GPU is fairly old, if that was the point of question.

There never was. I hoped to fit till the end of this year though as I mentioned current reality is a bit different than in Jan or even July so can’t promise anything here. I can only say that top priorities are stability, performance and usability without shortcuts in really demanding pipelines which are mostly covered already :wink:


Well, im overly excited about this!
Do tell if you need an extra beta tester :smiley:

Oh I just stumbled over this here and I am totally amazed! Please let this come true! This will be a real game changer!

Seems to have been a while since anyone mentioned the Mac. Would just like to give that a nudge and mention that it would be great to get it working. Appreciate that there are issues around rendering as cycles isn’t supporting it yet and the lack of good rendering plugins on the Mac. Hopefully these things will change in time.



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@robinp @Philip this will happen at some point in time but the current focus is to deliver Win version. I had this in mind so don’t worry, just be patient.

That’s the plan :slight_smile:

It’s been a while without an update so currently RN builtin library is gaining finishing touches, so small tease as always - Fagus Sylvatica variations from the library.


looks great! It will be awesome.

Everything to do with Rhino on the Mac requires patience. We are well practiced! Appreciate that this is more of a commitment to it coming to Mac than you’ve given before (from what I have seen anyway). Thanks for the update.

Is it still possible to join the beta test version of Rhino nature ?

Thank you for your interest. I’ve sent PM though it’s a bit late to party here.

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would love to give it a spin too!

Have to admit that I’m a bit envious and jealous atm.
But I guess I’ll have to sit tight for the remaining painful wait :sweat_smile:

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Great things always take more time and deserve.
Keep wait. :watch::watch:

@D-W :100: doing his best. :100:

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