Rhino model to VR goggles

My question about 3D viewing is on 3 levels:

How can I - inside Rhino - see in 3D on the screen with red/green glasses?

  1. How can I export a Rhino model as a VR still? I am thinking of a right and a left image.
    How to load these into Oculus Quest2 googles?

  2. How can I export a Rhino model as a full VR model? So that I can inspect the model from all sides in VR.
    How to load the relevant file (format?) into Quest2 googles?

I use Quest2 in stand-alone mode (no tethering).

Any tips are greatly appreciated.

  1. It’s currently not yet possible to render stereo or panorama images in Rhino. I’m using Keyshot for that.

Thank you for your answer.

In an earlier version of Rhino, it was possible to use red/green glasses. Now I cannot find it that option.

It should be possible to render the model and save the image, rotate the model a bit, and render again.
Maybe someone knows how to get such 2 image files into Quest2?