Rhino model to drawing set

The company that I work for is considering making the switch from SketchUp to Rhino.
I’d like to know the best way to go from the model to a drawing set in Autocad.
The Make 2D function isn’t great because if the model changes I have to make 2D again and re-export.
Need some way to make changes in the model and have them update in the Autocad drawing set.

SketchUp has Layout

this is a very clunky program but the nice thing about it is that it links the model to the drawing set and updates drawings when changes are made to the model.

Does rhino have anything like this?
Also, want to export to Autocad, we cant do everything we need to do to the drawings within Rhino’s layout function.


Rhino has page Layout tools as well.
Here’s a link to a tutorial:

Layouts will export to AutoCAD Paperspace, but there will be a little cleanup and tweaking to do as Rhino and AutoCAD do not define annotation text and dimensions exactly the same way.