Rhino Model for WAMIT -- Need to create a gdf file


I did obtain an evaluation licence for Rhino 7–I like the software because it has a lot of youtube tutorials explaining everything & I am starting to learn it. One of the reasons I obtained Rhino is the following:

Need to employ Rhino in order to create an input for WAMIT–this input is called a gdf file. I know that Rhino can create an input for WAMIT because it is one of the options when I export a Rhino file. WAMIT is a water waves-structure interaction program. The surface of a body in water is approximated by a set of plane quadrilaterals. A gdf file will have the x,y,z coordinates for the 4 vertices of each panel --My question is how to proceed–I can create a surface–Maybe a surface of revolution and then what?

Many thanks

Stergios Liapis

You have a NURBS surface but that needs to be discretised into panels for WAMIT. Use the Mesh command to do this, optionally followed by QuadRemesh to get quad-only mesh of the surface. Then export this to gdf.