Rhino model disintegrates in Tinkercad

Hello, I have such a problem. When I created a pyramid model in Rhino, it fell apart in Tinkercad. I am sending the model in an attachment. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you very much
Rhino 5, Win10
Thank you.

Hi @oulehla.frantisek
No file attached. What does “fell apart” mean? What format did you use to transfer to TinkerCAD? I just tried to import a simple 4-sided pyramid into my daughters TinkerCAD account using obj, and it came in with no errors (other than being orientated sideways - the eternal z or y up dilemma).

HTH, Jakob

@NormandRhino pyramid.stl (1.5 MB)
I am sending the model in an attachment. I exported it to Tinkercad using .STL. The pyramid in the middle lacks part. Don’t know how to fix it?
Thank you

If you run MeshRepair on the parts, you’ll see that there a ton of naked edges, degenerate faces, non-manifold edges etc. All in all, those are some pretty crappy meshes. If they were created in Rhino, something went quite wrong :grimacing: If it was me, I would rebuild most of the objects - easier than repairing.