Rhino + Maxwell Fire: Quadro k2200 or GTX 970? Nevermind

Decided to spend a little extra and go with a Quadro K4200 but thanks anyway.

Original post:Some of you might remember me from the old AccuRender forums.
Well, my old 2003 dual AMD workhorse finally bit the dust. Could patch it up but like an old, lame, beloved pet, it’s time to let go. sniffle
Anyway, I wanted a machine with an upgrade path so Rhino 5, Maxwell are on the way and a new dual CPU Opteron is being built. The only thing is, the budget now only allows me to choose between 2 4GB graphics cards, a Quadro K2200 and a GTX 970.
I don’t know if any of you have used the Maxwell Fire plug-in for Rhino but that’s the plan. I have to make a decision fairly quickly so any input would be appreciated.

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