Rhino / mac shut down problems

My rhino will not shut down. I have the latest update (5.0.1) and running Yosemite on probook 13"
Can anyone help me ?
/ Jens

PS. it did work at the beginning

force quit it.

click the apple icon at top-left of the screen… click Force Quit
choose rhinoceros.

not sure what led up to the non-responsive state but doing the above should shut it down

I am having this issue and have done for quite a while. In my case I just think my Mac is going flaky with some of the software dross in the background. I did a fresh install and only put Rhino on the machine and it worked OK. Doing a restore brought back the issue of only “Force Quit” will close Rhino. At the moment life’s too short to figure out whats happening and planning a new Mac for the end of the year anyway.