Rhino Mac 6 functionality on new 2018 Mac Mini?

I’m a current Rhino Mac user and am interested in purchasing another Mac to run V6. I have an older mac mini (High Sierra / 16g ram) sitting around that I have tried V6 on but I have experienced the display artifacts reported by other users. The artifacts seem to originate at the axis and fan out.

Has anyone tested the V6 WIP on one of the 2018 Mac Mini systems? I know the integrated GPU is a deficiency but this would not be my primary workhorse mac.

I’d appreciate any feedback.

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Hi @Maxedout-

We have two of the new 2018 Mac Minis, one with the Intel i7 and one with the Intel i3. We have NOT done extensive testing or rigorous benchmarking with either of these machines. That said, I can say the following:

The current RhinoWIP launches on both machines and displays each of the canned viewport display modes (Shaded, Rendered, Ghosted, Arctic, etc.) with a test file containing one of each of the main types of Rhino objects.

The Raytraced display mode seems slow, but does display. This is likely due to the Intel UHD Graphics 630.

Obviously, we are a ways out from fully shipping Rhino 6 for Mac (hence the WIP) and we’ll do our best to support modern Macs, but I would expect display issues as the WIP progresses.

Please let us know if you want any specific condition tested.