Rhino looks amazing on a Surface Pro


Amazingly shit that is =(
Amazing is how many things manage to go wrong in the GUI, font size mixups, size jumping icons and pointer messages like snap messages (“end” etc) have a strange grey square as a companion.

Here is a screenshot

When I mouse-over on the oversized icons they plop back to mini size…
This is win 10, but the problem existed before on win 8.1 too.

What is the graphics chip on your Surface Pro?

This doesn’t have anything to do with the graphics chip. Surface Pro runs at high DPI which is something that we are working on in V6.

Strange - it looks pretty good on mine. (8.1)

It depends on what resolution you are running at and what type of scale you have window set to for things like text.

When the font sizes look all wrong, it might be because of a feature of Windows 8.1 and 10 called ‘display scaling’. This can make pre-windows-8.1 applications look strange. I’ve had similar issues with Adobe Reader. The good news is that you can turn off ‘display scaling’ for specific applications.
To do that you navigate to the Rhino executable, right-click, select Properties/Compatibility/Disable display scaling on high DPI settings.


Thank you, that fixed it!

I have the same problem. Properties/Compatibility/Disable display scaling on high DPI settings on or off, doesn’t change anything. On my Surface Pro screen it looks ok, but on my 25" monitor, 100% scaling it looks like:

Do I have to wait for version 6? when is this released.

Strange, I changed the scaling monitor settings from 100% to 100% (so nothing changed really) and now Rhino showed correctly.