Rhino LITE or just a viewer that can export?

Hi all

I need to perform a SINGLE function with files from clients. I need to open their Rhino file, and EXPORT it to 3DS with the settings I need. Sounds simple enough to get the client to just do it and send me the 3DS, but clients dont have time for that, or we go back and forth 5 or 6 times before they get it right. This happens everytime with clients using Rhino.

I don’t want to purchase a Rhino license JUST for that. I need something that can export 3DS and the textures. I don’t need something that can Import Rhino.

What are my options?

There is no lite version.
What would be an option is to specify what export settings you need exactly. Maybe write a manual for exporting your 3ds files from Rhino. Next you can either hand that to the client or ask over here at the scripting section is someone is able to convert those steps into a script. You could then provide your clients with a toolbar containing one button with that script.


Ah nuts I was hoping there’s a different option. Because the clients use a gazzillion blocks etc, they can’t do it one shot either. A 100mb Rhino file for example easily turn into a 900mb unusable 3DS file. Thave have to export in stages…


Thanks anyway!

Do you know if MOI exports to 3DS?

May I ask why you need 3ds, what purpose do the 3ds files serve you?
What software are you loading the 3ds file into?

Maybe it’s an option to export to for instance to .fbx as 3ds is a rather archaic format where .fbx is contemporary and as such carries much more information.


I believe so:



This is for large architectural firms. I need to get the files into 3ds Max. We tried on various occassions and FBX never works. The odd time it did work, the Y and Z was flipped which is useless because even if you rotate it, the original coordinates are lost. The Rhino files have VRay materials in them. We export to 3DS and include textures, then we also pack the VRay materials. In 3ds Max I can then import the 3ds and re-assing the VRay metarials.

Yes for smaller things and maybe single objects, obj or fbx works. But this is LARGE architectural models with plenty blocks etc. The workflow I mentioned is the best fit. The problem is there’s sometimes some technical issues I need to resolve, for example the 8 character file names etc, which is difficlut for the client to comprehend.

I tried FBX, OBJ, 3DS, even translators to import Rhino directly, but we always end up using 3DS.

Last time I contacted MOI, they mentioned textures and UVs are lost, so that route wont work either