Rhino licensing modell to create and spread server/cloud-side geometry?

Hi Dale and Bob,

I have here a prospect, who wants to create a specialized plug-in for the fashion industry to offer spreading server/cloud-side fashion geometry with Rhino.

Is there a licensing modell for server side geometry creation in Rhino?

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Hi Michael, as far I know there is no license model that allows a Rhino installation on a web-server. But it should be possible to access the web server (a database or so) via a plugin, create some geometry on a workstation and upload the files. Maybe @brian can tell a bit more?

Hi Michael,

Our standard license agreement applies in this case. Paraphrasing, there must be a license of Rhino for each concurrent user, running on a computer that is under your control.

A pattern that works in this scenario is to have a VM instance (such as Amazon EC2) that is configured to run Rhino using a Zoo license. Whenever a new user connects to the application, bring up a new EC2 instance with a new copy of Rhino. That Rhino will obtain a license from the Zoo running in the private LAN. Any HTTP requests that are serviced by the web front-end will be routed to the appropriate Rhino instance in the back-end.

FYI @bobmcneel

Sorry for side-lining this one, but apparently our legal department isn’t paraphrasing it quite like that. The EULA says “on any computers owned by you” and “on computers you own”…

Yeah, you’re right. We’re currently reviewing the wording; more in the next few days.

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Hi Brian,

great, thank you for the details, this helps very much.

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