Rhino Level 1 Training Guide – The Squeeze bottle

Hello Rhino Forum,

I’m currently doing Exercise 11-11 — The Squeeze bottle from the Rhino Level 1 Training Guide and I have a few questions. :slight_smile:

Part of the exercise is to place a logo as “Dcal” on a bottle. I did that and now I want to place the logo in the middle of the bottle.

  1. I can’t select the logo “anymore” because it doesn’t show up in the selection menu anymore. Why is that?

2.How can I orient the logo in the middle of my surface?

Is it able to move the gumbal with arrow keys? This would be a nice way to move something (the logo) in little steps up, down left,right.

Is there a command like “find midpoint”, “place midpoint”? I would like to find the midpoint in the “logo surface” of the bottle to use it as reference point to insert/orient the logo.

If anyone has the time to answer my noob questions I would greatly appreciate it, thank you!

Dear @halodri

welcome to the forum.


check this video tutorial about decals from @BrianJ

Decals are only visible in rendered viewport.
use the _properties panel to see if a decal is applied an object (in the video above)

select the object, turn on decal widget, set viewport to wireframe.
you should be abel to snap to the decal-widget.

middle / centersnap

centersnap is only possible in 2d for regular (circle, polygon…) shapes and for planar faces.
For Volumens and freeform surfaces you need to do some construction drawings.
you should be able to snap to the decal widget, draw a diagonal line.
use for example _boundingbox, on your entire Bottle or a surface, draw an additional diagonal on the front face, now you can _move from mid to mid…

there is _areaCentroid, _volumeCentroid - both commands will draw a point.

move with arrow-keys

see here
alt + arrowkey should do it
check the settings:

hope this helps - don t hesitate to ask more details / further info

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Dear @Tom_P,

thank you very much for your excellent answer!
Because of your explanation and the video I was able to select the vcal and place it in the middle.

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