Rhino keeps freezing in Windows 10

Here’s a link. The Intel site is pretty poorly constructed:

Please consider replacing your old system. That Intel HD 4000 was never a good choice for OpenGL and now it’s quite old too.

I hope this fixes it.

Thank you Wim! Can you kindly let me know where I can find the instructions to update the drivers? I am a newbie regarding Rhino3D. Thanks!

@King, you should be able to use the link on the page that John pointed to:

Automatically detect and update your drivers and software with the Intel® Driver & Support Assistant.

Thank you very much for the driver update links @John_Brock & @wim. I will test and let you know if the driver update solves the issue.

Hello @John_Brock & @wim . I am happy to report that my Rhino3D software is currently working after I updated my drivers. Thank you again for your assistance.



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