Rhino is suddenly crashing constantly


I have a very strange issue… I don´t yet know exactly how this happened, but Rhino is crashing/freezing constantly. Does not matter what I am doing: Just RH, opening GH… i was even able to reproduce the bug by just opening a file and dragging around. Interestingly, when RH freezes and I check the task manager, it does not show, that RH is not responding…

I had a similar issue half a year ago, when I installed the Windows Update in autumn (which was fixed some weeks after) - I had sth to do with the graphics card, as far as I can remember.

I have everything updated and am using a Lenovo X1 Extreme.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


system_info.txt (2.0 KB)

a shot i the dark - try to deactivate GPU Tessellation in view>opengl

Here’s a link to an updated nVidia driver that’s several months newer than your:

You might also try disabling thew Geometry Gym plugin in Options > Plugins and then restart Rhino without it.

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Thank you! Worked perfectly until now!