Rhino is still running after closing the app


Each time I close rhino I need to press ctrl+alt+delete to open the task manager and then close the app from here too. After closing I do not have any update windows poping out. It is as if it is closed.

During development I need to closed rhino multiple times and each time end it using task manager.

Any clues why rhino is not terminated after closing the program?

Could it be that your plug-in is still doing something preventing Rhino from completely closing?

Is there a way to know if a C++ code has finalized execution?
I am using PInvoke via C#

You’ll have to put breakpoints to locations where execution should continue after P/Invokes.

If you have a plug-in and you’re having an OnShutdown implementation you could also put breakpoints there ensuring it all properly unloads.

Thanks I found the problem and it was actually updates.

I have one more question.

Is there any way to see messages in rhino printed in C++ using printf?
In other words is it possible to see messages of a standard Terminal?

The only way I know is by using RhinoApp printing methods. But if the application has no connection in c++ with Rhino. There is no way to see them.

You could try redirecting stdout to a file.

According stdin, stdout, stderr | Microsoft Docs you can use freopen . I have not tested this, but let me know how it goes.

Got it, thanks;)