Rhino is so so long

It is almost impossible to work on a large rhino file with VPN (optical fiber).
It’s interminable, we can do nothing without rhino freezing (white screen for 10 or 15 sec).

I have the impression that each rhino command will fetch data from the server (textures, blocks, etc.). Why rhino seems not to be able to store temporary files in the local cache.

Nowadays where remote work is frequent It’s a very serious handicap …

are you running rhino remotely like a terminal?

Why not install locally and get your license from the cloud?

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Indeed, never had any issue with cloud license server setup.

No I’m running Rhino on local computer but linked files (blocks, external refereces, maps) are on a server.

I use the cloud license server which works fine

can you bring the blocks locally? Also are your blocks crazy nested, on top of nests, on top of a nest? make sure your blocks aren’t huge… they multiply file size a LOOOT if poorly constructed.

blocks should ideally be only one level deep.