Rhino is so slow

Hey I need help
When I try to do a Boolean union Rhino is so slow to do it… If I check in the task manager it use little ram and cpu( cpu load i’ve seen max 13-15 % and max 1 gb ram)…

My pc specs are:

Ryzen 7 1700
32 gb ram 3000mhz
gtx 1060 6gb
ssd samsung 960 evo nvme
Windows 10 pro
Rhino last version 64bit

so thats my config how it is possible ?

Sorry in advance for my bad english

well that really depends on the objects you are applying a Boolean to… if its two simple primitives, that should be very fast. If you are doing quite a few complex objects at once, then it will take some time. So, in short, posting an example or screenshot of your geometry may help.

sry but i cant post it, but yes it’s a complex object, but why rhino don’t use all computer power :C ??

Hi Alessio - Many geometry calculations are not suited to using multiple processors. Other things like rendering work fine, and you’ll see the CPU usage go up in those types of operations.


Does turning off isocurves help in these calculations? or is it more of background process?
Also does this mean for example i5 dual might have similar performance as i7 quad if clock speeds are similar?

I see… thx anyway

Not really; it may help with display speed after the calculations have been completed.