Rhino is not displaying properly. Help Please

Why does rhino look like this?

Options > View > OpenGL
What display adapter are you running?
What is the date of the driver?

Here’s a screenshot of what it shows

Well nuts.
That’s a good adapter and the drivers aren’t very old.

Do you have and third-party plugins installed?
Options > Plug-ins, change the list filter to “Plug-ins that do not ship with Rhino”.

I’m relatively new to Rhino. This is what it shows for Plug-ins that do not ship with Rhino, but it shows a ton for plug-ins that come with Rhino and they are all enabled. I haven’t messed with the settings for these kind of things. I’m assuming it’s not my computer because this is the only program that seems to have this issues, but the issues isn’t constant. Sometimes it does this, and sometimes not. It also doesn’t seem to matter which Rhino file I’m using, they all do this.
Thank You for trying to help.

This tells me the two most likely issues (display adapter drivers or third-party plug-ins), do not seem to be likely causes.
That makes this harder to isolate.

Now it’s up to you to determine a pattern.
Pay attention to everything that’s going on and see if you can find a pattern to when this is likely occur. For example, do you ever close the lid on Rhino when it’s running? Does this display issue more likely to show up after waking up the laptop?
If so, change your habits and always close Rhino before hibernating your laptop.
Maybe you can make this happen after running some Rhino tool, or maybe after running some other application while Rhino is running.
We need a pattern to narrow down the possibilities.

Restarting the computer seems to make it stop doing it until I close the computer lid and wake the computer up, but I always close completely out of Rhino before doing this.

Closing Rhino is good before hibernating.
It looks like something related to waking up the display driver is not happening in the right order, but that’s just a guess.
Do you have any other applications running when you close the lid?
If so, try closing everything that is open (email, browser, chat, etc.), and see if that has any affect on reducing or eliminating this.
At least you have a reliable work-around.

I will try that. Thank you, so much for all your help.