Rhino is laggy until audit command

Hello, I have recently created my own template (layers and V-ray materials). Now every time I start new drawing from this template, rhino is laggy until I run command _audit. My wild guess is that one or more materials are buggy.

Weird things are, that when I run audit, no errors are reported. Moreover, I have tried to set command audit to be ran after rhino startup. But this did not unlag rhino and I had to run audit once more after initial one after start to unlag rhino.

Is there any way to find out what is causing this?

Hi - The only thing I can think of is to create your template from scratch starting with just a few modifications of one of the factory-default templates. Check your new template before you make more changes. If, at some point, you run into the same problem, you know which changes have lead to this problem.

The alternative would be to go the other way. Start with your custom template and remove things (V-Ray materials, …) one by one until there no longer is any problem.

Hello Wim, I have in fact created my template from scratch since I am not a retard. I wanted clean template with standards for every new project, I work with large scenes, every bit of unnecessary data is unwanted.

I am not sure when it started and retrospectively would be hard since I have already over 120 layers and V-ray materials. I am looking for some “smart way” 'cause trial-and-error way would take me eons.

Thank you for fast reaction, but your way is no-go.

Hi - have you tried to run Rhino with V-Ray disabled? Is that still laggy?

I did not think of trying that, ty.

After disabling V-ray and restarting rhino it is not laggy anymore. Conclusion is my wild guess come true. How to find the buggy material tho?

Hi Jan - thanks for trying that.
For issues with V-Ray, you’ll have to get in touch with ChaosGroup.
CC: @Peter.Chaushev


What version of V-Ray for Rhino do you use? Also, what version of V-Ray has been used during the creation of the templates?
My first guess is that the 3dm holds old V-Ray data that is being migrated. And since the template is reopened every time but not saved, the migration occurs every time.

Could you please send a sample project or a template for investigation? You can use V-Ray > Pack Project and send the archived file either directly or via a file-sharing service of your choice to support@chaosgroup.com (please include a link to this forum thread in your message).

Kind regards,

Hello Peter,

I used same version: 3.60.03

It is possible, that I have imported some materials from previous versions as I am using V-ray from version 1.6

I will send you sample template via wetransfer since project with textures (lot of them are arroway) is about 500 mb.

Thank you.