Rhino is freezing

Thanks for the Preferences!

Thanks for being willing to try! Here’s a link to 6.16. If you could try with that and confirm that it might provide another clue.

i just now had such an incident. having a file open (was a rhino 5 file if that makes any difference) which i worked a bit, not much just scrolling around, then i left rhino switched to safari for some time, maybe a few minutes or more later i went back to rhino started zooming which it did for a short eyeblink, then the beachball forever leading to force quit.


I didn’t notice your post earlier…

Do you mean the freezing problem or the problem with the tool tips?


‘Good’ to know I’m not alone… :wink: Are you using 6.16 or 6.17?


but i must admit i did not spend enough time with 6.16 to help substituting the theory of it only happening in 6.17.

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I am having the same issue now…it happens when I am browsing through folder with pictures…

Ok… Which Rhino version do you have: 6.16 or 6.17?



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The next time you experience this, instead of Force Quitting from the Dock, can you please do the following:

  1. Launch /Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app
  2. Run the following command: killall -ABRT Rhinoceros

Rhino ought to produce a crash dump this time. Please submit that as usual.

Thanks in advance!

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Ok, thanks! I’ll (try to) remember to do that - when/if Rhino freezes.
However… After only a short modelling-session in 6.16 everything is ok so far.


Just a brief note from our side. I can say that here it always happens when working out of rhino window - for instance browsing through pictures, finder etc. Don’t know if its relevant to mention that we work on laptops with external monitors.

Thanks! Any information could be potentially helpful here so we’re glad to have it.

Even though we can’t yet reproduce this, we are tracking this issue in RH-54290 Rhino freezes.

Hi @Philip-

If you can’t reproduce the freeze in 6.16 in the next day or so, that is useful information to us. If not, please switch back to 6.17 and send us a crash report using the Terminal killall trick above. We’re digging into this, but a crash report from someone experiencing this in a non-DEBUG version would be really useful.

Thanks again for your help and patience with this!

Hi @dan

I’ve been using 6.16 all day now - and no freezing (I did get Rhino to crash once, but that was a problem with Raytraced + ViewCaptureToFile. I did send the report about that).

I guess I’ll upgrade to 6.17 sometime tomorrow and follow your instructions to get the crash report.

No problem :wink:


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We are focused on this issue right now. Progress is slow, and thanks for your help. We have some indications that updating the embedded Mono and Xamarin.Mac in 6.17 is related to this, but we are still working to determine the actual root cause.

The hang seems to manifest itself differently in Debug builds than in a full Release build. We can reliably reproduce a similar hang in our Debug builds, but we are unable to reproduce this reliably in the 6.17 build currently published, so a crash report “from the field” might provide valuable information.

Ok, now I have 6.17.19225.17222, 2019-08-13 installed. Let’s see if I can get it to misbehave…


After a long session today I finally got it to freeze. I followed your instructions…

…and sent you the crash dump. I’ll send the file directly to McNeel.
Hope this helps :grinning:


One more crash dump sent.
Edit: I was working on the same file…


Thanks for all your help and patience with this. Rhino 6 for Mac 6.17 Release Candidate 4 should not exhibit this freezing. Please let us know ASAP if you do indeed get the same sort of freeze.

Gory details: Unfortunately, we had to downgrade the embedded Mono version in order to avoid this freeze in the 6.17. We hope to work-around this in a subsequent update so that we can update Mono and get the benefits of those updates in terms of performance and stability.

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Hi @dan

Please excuse my ignorance, but what is Mono?