Rhino is crashing down-Can someone help me out

But I don’t need that high graphic level Rhino works with. I really don’t need that. I more or less don’t need rendering. So rhino 5 or 6 wouldn’t suit either?

The problem is not Rhino, it is the software Rhino needs to operate that is supplied by Apple and Intel.

If you are serious about running Rhino, please read this:

Maybe this will make more sense.
When Rhino starts, the operating system tells Rhino what capabilities it supports.
One of these is what OpenGL graphics specification it supports.
When Rhino is making those OpenGL call, the driver is crashing and taking Rhino with it.

Rhino is not the cause of the crash.
The Apple/Intel drivers are the cause.

Your best option now, is see if you can find a late model Intel CPU Mac with an AMD graphics card.
I have a 16" 2019 MBP with an AMD card and Rhino V7 runs very well.

Later this year, Rhino V8 will be released. It will run natively in the new Silicon processor Macs that use the Metal display tools instead of OpenGL.
Currently, Rhino V7 relies on Apple’s “Rosetta” translation layer. It is not a great solution but it does generally work.