Rhino is crashing after I switch views

Please help…rhino 5 is crashing randomly after I use the picture frame command, not sure why it is doing this…please help

Can you please give us some more information so that we can attempt to reproduce this issue? (Which version of Rhino for Mac are you using? You can get access to this information from Rhinoceros > About Rhinoceros > More Info… > Copy to clipboard and paste it into a reply). What is most important is steps that we can use to reproduce the bug on our computers.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Dan,.pdf (151.0 KB)

Unfortunately, in this case, the stack trace is not very helpful. Can you please test this with the latest RhinoWIP? If you can send a 3dm file that exhibits this crash along with specific and detailed steps, I can test it and see if I can reproduce the crash. Hopefully, we can track down the source of the crash if we can reproduce it.