Rhino interface very slow and imprecise

Hey guys!

Recently my Rhino has been behaving very strangely…

  • dragging objects with the gumball is very hard, since I always have to click in an area right to the cursor and not on the cursor itself directly…
  • when copying items, the interface is crazy slow - even when I just have a very simple file opened…

Maybe this is caused by a “theme” that I installed and tried to uninstall later - you can see the changed colors of the buttons on the bottom (would also be nice if someone knew how to reset the rhino default colors…)

Would be great if someone could help me here - I have two videos attached below!

Thank you and cheers,


Hi Rudi - what theme? how was this installed?


Hey, as far as I can remember, it was this one:


Hi Rudi - if this bad behavior started with this theme, I’d contact the developer for that - but there have been some Windows updates so it might not hurt to get a driver update for your gpu.


Thanks Pascal,

I will try updating the drivers… I can also contact them, but it was just an assumption, that the theme caused this behavior.


Right - I would be surprised, but it is something to check.


Maybe it would be helpful to completely install Rhino from scratch to isolate the problem. Is there way to do this? Just uninstalling RH does not do the job…

Hi Rudi - is this V5 or V6?


V6 - newest release

Can you please run SystemInfo in Rhino and paste the results here?


system_info.txt (1.7 KB)

Hi Rudi - thanks - can you please open Options > Plug-ins and disable VRay, close and reopen Rhino and see how that works?


Interesting! It is clearly V-Ray, that causes this behavior! After disabling it, everything runs smooth!

Hi Rudi - check with them for an update.


there does not seem to be a newer version of V-Ray… as can be seen here (i have 3.60.03 installed)