Rhino.InsideRevit 0.6/0.7 Document Bug

Not sure what’s going on, but yesterday I updated Rhino.Inside and some components (ActiveDocument and DocumentLinks) stop working properly, they show in the white bubble that are reading the correct file, but not giving any .rvt file as reference.

I solved that by doing the same via C#, but I suppose that should be easily fixed.

My main problem is that AddComponent(Location) is not working also, and I think that maybe is related.

UPDATE: In last updates (not sure when) Level has become mandatory (theoretically it was optional) and that’s why it’s not working

Hi @oscar2,

There were a bug in 0.6 with files opened from a network shared folder that is fixed in 0.7.

There is still a problem with workshared and detached models that will be fixed today.

Can you confirm me if you are in one of those situations?

Yes, it’s a workshared model

The fix for detached worksahred models is at Daily Channel.

Please switch to Daily, update and tell me if this fixes your issue.


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Yes, it’s working again, thank you very much @kike !