Rhino inside


(Steve Baer) #3

We’re not quite “there” yet for anything to show.


Rhino inside Photoshop? Pray tell… :slight_smile:


Thank you for the reply Steve.
Indeed we are eager to see what is possible once there is more information available.

(Kiteboardshaper) #6

Grasshopper inside Excel? That would be handy


Saw someone tweeting about RiR this last weekend… just a link to the same page we have all seen already, but I would say people are getting quite interested!

Thanks for keeping us in the loop @stevebaer! Any idea on when we can be expecting more info?

(Scott Davidson) #8

Hey all, we just posted more information and samples for the Rhino Inside project. Using the current Rhino 7 WIP it is now possible to experiment.

All the links should be live now: https://www.rhino3d.com/inside

(Fran Montero) #9

Use this URL until the pages are translated to the other languages:


Looks quite interesting Scott!
Does this mean that Rhino Inside can replace the COM interface as well?

(Steve Baer) #11

Depends… What are you using the COM interface for?


Hi Steve,
To connect Rhino to any other application. It can be some other CAD application (as AutoCAD), Excel…


So, the idea is that third party developers can empower their own software with Rhino´s geometry processing capabilities? even without having rhino installed on the computer? could you elaborate a bit more about the potential uses? will only work on .net host applications?

“Grasshopper definitions can be opened and previewed in Rhino within the same process as the parent”
What are the consecuences of this feature of sharing the same process?

(Steve Baer) #14

That’s why I said “depends”. We already have an ACAD example on our github site. It really depends on what the hosting application provides for customization.

(Steve Baer) #15

Yes, that is one possibility. Another is to embed Rhino inside an existing application.

No, Rhino would still need to be installed on your computer. For accessing Rhino functionality without Rhino installed, you would need to use compute.rhino3d.com

We don’t know yet. Our development process is “throw it over the wall” and let customers tell us what they need.

Yes, only .NET (at least for now). That doesn’t stop you from hosting .NET in your own native application which is exactly what Rhino.exe does

Questions about Rhino Inside

Rhino embeded?? I need to see this to figure out how this would look like :open_mouth:

(Steve Baer) #17

Rhino inside just means that Rhino is not the top level executable (exe). Rhino is being loaded into another exe as a library of sorts.


oooh, really? :rofl:

but what is the diference between being inside the same process or having other type of communication between apps, as it is nowadays possible to connect gh/revit , gh/excell or gh/archicad? sorry, i´am not quite informed about this matter of cpu processes. Is it a matter of speed?

(Steve Baer) #19

It is a matter of both speed and ease of development. Since the Revit API is available to grasshopper when Rhino is running inside Revit, things like scripting components in GH using the Revit API are possible. This is still possible through communication between apps, but is typically a lot more painful to code up.


Thank you Steve.
Is it not possible to connect to AutoCAD directly through Rhino Python Editor, or ghpython component instead of having to build a solution in Visual Studio first, as described by tutorial?
And has this approach been tested only on AutoCAD 2019 (therefor you are certain it will work on 2019 version), but it may also work on AutoCAD <2019 versions, but no testing has been done?

(Steve Baer) #21

If you are running Rhino inside of AutoCAD, you should be able to use AutoCAD’s .NET API from the Rhino Python Editor or ghpython.

We have only just started this project with a few samples and have only tried with one version of AutoCAD. This should in theory work with other versions as long as you work with that version’s SDK to write an add-in.

(Eskiland) #22

Could Rhino inside potentially be a full alternative to Dynamo?