Rhino.Inside with Powermill

Would it be possible to implement Rhino.Inside with Powermill? I know Autodesk at one point was working to develop a link between Powermill and Dynamo, but I’m not sure how far that got. It seems like Rhino.Inside tied to Powermill could introduce some really interesting ideas for generative or parametric toolpathing development.

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Hi @bsmith,

Well, it looks like can write plug-ins for Powermill.

And it looks like there is a .NET API to write plug-ins:

So there is a good chance that you could run Rhino inside of Powermill. Obviously, nobody knows for sure until they try.

– Dale

Hi @dale, Do you have some reference sheet which I can look at which lists the requirements of an API in order to successfully integrate ? Something that a highly technical Product Manager, or Product Owner could understand… before engaging an engineering team ?

Hi @scott.green,

No, nothing like that yet. However, the the target application is extendable via .NET, there is a good chance you can get Rhino.Inside to work with it.

It might be helpful for your team to review the sample projects on GitHub. I’d start some something simple, such as Rhino running inside of a console application.

– Dale

Thanks @dale. dont want to hijack the thread, but based on your answer i might start a new one.

Lets say I have a CAE or modeling application which has support for Mesh, B-rep, Curves, and various geometry representations…
It has Python scripting interface and its extensible, has a structure for managing customization as plug ins…

It seems reasonable to beleive that i can establish a connection to Rhino, pass varaibles to Rhino & Grasshopper,… create and return some collections of uniqely patterned Curves, or Bodies ( mesh or CAD )… all at the script level ?

Does this CAE or modeling application have a name?

– Dale

Absolutely ! Geomagic Wrap. Not sure if you had ever heard of it.
I was inspired by another forum poster asking about Geomagic Design.

Right now I have a couple projects that would where the connection would be pretty powerful.
Its actually Geomagic scripting platform ( through Geomagic Wrap ) to Rhino Inside For curve and structure generation then downstream mesh / voxel / for print processing inside Wrap framework

Our documentation is inside the Help directory of the installer… soon to be posted online for easy access.

Hi @scott.green,

Ideally, the host application would have a plug-in (or extension) architecture. In the case of Rhino.Inside, the plug-in would load and manage the Rhino DLL, which provides access to Rhino’s API, Grasshopper, etc.

I have heard of Geomagic (Studio and Wrap). If Geomagic Wrap only has a scripting language, I don’t know if it’s a candiate to use Rhino.Inside. We’d need someone to dig into it a little more (as I can only speculate).

– Dale