Rhino inside Revit (RiR)


(Vnatarajan) #1

I was just browsing through rhino’s website and found this really interesting link, but have no idea what the end goal is, and was hoping someone could give some insight into it

From what I understand it’s a WIP feature that hasnt yet been implemented, but would any rhino dev be able to tell me the scope of this? Such as - will it allow you to create families using nurbs? inbuilt ifc functions? integration with gh? a rough timeline?

Really exciting if it improves workflows between the two programs,especially for stuff like customisable curtain wall panels.

(Scott Davidson) #2

The Rhino Inside project is now live. Please give it a try: https://www.rhino3d.com/inside

The Revit sample has been expanded to show a few ways to create objects in Revit.

(Fran Montero) #3

Use this URL until the pages are translated to the other languages:

(Bob McNeel) #4


Hi All,
I just came out from the AEC Interpolations Events.
During the Hackathon The team I was working we where able to deploy Rhino Inside not only as a plug-in for Revit, we also were able to create a live real-time connection between the Rhino Kernell Called From Revit but the exciting part of all of these it’s was we link in real time not only GH + Rhino + Revit we also linked SAP 2000 to run some structural simulations. And also we tested the workflow with ETABS.

From my point of view this just Came out as a WIP and there’s a lot of work to do but the future it’s really promising.

My team and I we are going to make an open source repository on GitHub In the few coming days.