Rhino Inside Revit R18

I have a project but it steel in R18, when i try to export, i have error message
the librairy is not compatible
Is it possible to have a old version?

@aurblanc I’m not sure I’m following the issue. I gathered you have a Revit 2018 model that you would like to export? To which format?

I must create a model, i have a Revit2018 model to import some reference beam or wall. but the BIM manager ask the same version to send my model. i modelise all in Rhino, now i want to export to Revit2018 with the last version of RIR

So technically RIR does not Export to Revit. It Imports to Revit.
Install RIR and open Revit 2018. Then use the Import button in Rhino.Inside panel to bring in your Rhino geometry. Let me know if this helps or if you are seeing any errors