Rhino Inside Revit not working with Local Models & Worksets

Hi I’m working with Rhino Inside for the first time. It’s been great so far except for this one issue: ’
I’m getting this error “1. Solution exception:Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.” when trying to work with families in a Local model. This model does not show up if I open a detached model and then discard the worksets. In the below, I’m getting this error with the Family.New component.

However I get a similar error with other family editing components like as shown below:

I do not get these errors when working in a Detached Revit model with discarded worksets (it does occur with preserved worksets) or a Revit model without work-sharing turned on.

Does anyone know what is causing this issue?


I did a change that hopefully should fit this.
Could you please update and confirm me if fixes on your side.


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It looks like it works. Thanks!

Do you mind if I ask what the problem was?

No problem, in fact you can see the change in the repo.

I wrongly assumed that if a Revit file is work shared I can access to the Central Model GUID. Still learning Revit API :sweat_smile:

Oh gotcha gotcha. I guess that makes sense. . So you made the change so that when it workshared, it references only the local version.

Hey, I’m getting similar issues with a work-shared model, but im not getting any issues with models on BIM 360. Might i be missing this update, I dont see any updates available under the help menu?

The last version is always here.
We release almost every week.

Thanks! All fixed!