Rhino Inside Revit: Get all walls with type name containing given text

as the documentation of Rhino.Inside still lacks some answers, I would like to ask you for help with problem stated in the topic.

I need to get two results:
a) a list of type names of walls, filtered with given phrase as “contains”
b) a list of elements (walls) whose type name contains given phrase

Unfortunately, I have big issues with ParameterKey and its transition to text and so on… Don’t even know is it a good direction.

Thanks in advance.

You can use native grasshopper components for that such as “MatchText”. It would be great if you could share an example file and explain what you are trying to achieve in detail. You would save us the trouble of trying to simulate your problem.

I could use native components, but would rather stick to Inside method for educational reasons and further development in my company.

Please consider following screen as idea draft:

You can see the definition, I created from what I understand, down below.

This definition query all the walls in the project and filter them whether if their type name contains CM or not.

You should use native components. Otherwise what is the power of using Grasshopper inside Revit.

Or this one with Inside components. It is a bit tricky to find Type Name.

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Thanks Mucahitbgoker for both solutions. Works perfectly.

To clarify, I have nothing against using native components. I assumed using filters might be more efficient while having lots of wall types (or any other category of elements). I’m gonna test it in further development.


You are welcomed @igor.migasiewicz. Actually I didn’t know that we can do it using RIR components so I learned something new😅.

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