Rhino.Inside Revit course

Hello there I am trying to learn Rhino.Inside , however the vidoes kindly posted by Mr. Scott (Converting Rhino Geometry from Rhino into Revit (2 of 5) - YouTube) seems outdated.

Does anyone have recomendations as to where I can find an updated course?

Thank you so much

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simply rhino has a Rhino.Inside.Revit Essentials Course here. Its paid of course.

If you are looking for free content, Aussie BIM Guru has a whole playlist about it. Some of the node names and icons have changed but much of it is still same. I think its a great source for a beginner.

Also Marcello Sgambelluri has a book for beginners. “The Dynamo and Grasshopper for Revit Cheat Sheet/Reference Manual”. It includes hundreds of working Dynamo scripts and their working counterpart in Grasshopper (for Revit).

There are youtube videos as well. Though they are not courses, I believe there are small tips and tricks people can learn from this videos. RevitKid, Microsol Resources, BIMxt, Yourdesk University videos are just some of them.

This is a nice galley of courses and tutorials:

This is also an extensive guide looking at Rhino to Revit workflows:

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Thank you for the invaluable resources, that should put me into light!
Thanks Mr Scott!

Many thanks for the list of resources, definitely of help and much apprecaited!
Good luck in eveything!

Hi, I had the same question as yours. The answers here are pretty beneficial actually but I’m asking if you’ve found more resources beyond what’s listed here? and whether they actually helped you with your learning process for the software?

I think Aussie BIM Guru’s videos are quite good for beginning. Creating levels, grids, floors from Rhino curves, creating walls from Rhino curves, placing components, adding columns, adding beams etc. Try to create tasks for yourself. I knew Dynamo already, so I have tried to do tasks I did in Dynamo in Grasshopper and I have been able to achieve most of them (except Documentation obviously). Other than that, there is not a dedicated (free) course on RIR.

I’m about to purchase the Simply Rhino course, but I’m curious to hear what folks think about it and if it’s worth it as the price is a bit steep and there’s time off of work also to factor in for its duration.

I know it depends on the person, but for someone who has a good knowledge (not an expert) in dynamo and grasshopper would this be worth it? Or are the tutorials available online good enough? I’d hate to pay for a course and have like a Grasshopper 101 thing. I’d much rather watch something that is more practical and focused on the workflow and usability for real architectural practice rather than a hobby thing replicating like a starchitect pavilion or whatever that is basically a big flex. Thoughts?

The people at Simply Rhino are really good at teaching and explaining things. I looked at what they are offering and it is an ‘Essentials’ class that appears to be a grasshopper flex type course, which may or may not be practical to your workflow.

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