Rhino Inside Revit bug in v0.6 8 -wall thikness-

Hi there, I´ve just updated RIR to the v.06 and it seems that has screwed the wall thikness, at least in the analyze basic wall. I extracted this image so that you can see that it says a weird thikness for a 30cm wall (its shown phisically correctly in Revit). So the definition became useless as the location of many walls depend on those dimensions.
Am I the only one with that issue? before the update worked perfectly.

I would say it it related to fact that Revit works on Imperial units, tray multiplying the output with 9,138

That at least should work in case of Lengths Units

The revit project is in meters, I alredy tried the unit converrsion but that´s not the issue.
It´s seems that the factor is 10.76391

edit: I just found out that is square areas relation. So weird!

Ups, sorry about that.
A fix is there in both channels Daily and Release.

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I´ve just tested it and it´s working again.