Rhino.inside.Revit 2025 WIP installer available

you are a :star2: thank you so much! totally excited to upload!

The reason we don’t post direct links is so that users in the future won’t be tempted to get out of date versions when they should be getting the latest.

Got it, I will remove the link once there will be an update. Maybe there should be universal urls for the three RiR channels put somewhere with the redirection to the latest?

The plugin doesn’t work well with Revit 2025.

After that, I get another error message and the program crashes.

It seems to work if the project had no steel structures.

Also, it’s not possible to modify the rhino interface. If you try to resize or alter a toolbar, it disappears or covers the whole screen.

Hi Ar00302,

I’m going to send you our latest build to test. This behavior has been addressed but I haven’t been able to repeat for a while. Thanks

.net 8 UI in Revit 2025 issue

There are a lot of changes in Revit 2025, in particular the move to a different .Net version (8) which will affect Add-ins compiled in older versions.

The add-ins also need to be referencing the latest common .dlls, when Revit loads Add-ins the first on to load their dependencies wins, if an add-in loads an older version Rhino.Inside.Revit will have issues (or vice versa). Here is a tool to help troubleshoot your Revit addins.

Can I test it too please? I would like to switch to Revit 2025, but the UI issues are holding me back.

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Steel add-in is not an external plugin. It comes with the default Revit installation.

This one? or the advanced steel that you have to download?


Yes, the one you show above. I haven’t install advanced steel.

Same error for me on latest release - “The ‘Steel’ add-in encountered an error…”

Thanks, we’ll need to know more details in order to figure out where the conflict is.

About info as described here will let us test the versions. Once we eliminate that we can start looking a plugins/addin conflicts

Hi, Japhy can you send me that latest link also? I only have Revit 2025 and Rhino 8 and the toolbar can’t shown (version 1.21)

Japhy, kindly forward the link for the daily to me. I am struggling to install on Revit 2025 with Rhino 8. many thanks!

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legend and thank You Japhy as well ofc