Rhino Inside Odd Behaviors


While using Rhino Inside, I have found out that some functions in the RhinoCommon API work differently from the normal Rhino environment. Some of these functions are

For example
Rhino.Geometry.Curve lc = new Rhino.Geometry.LineCurve(new Rhino.Geometry.Point3d(0, 0, 0), new Rhino.Geometry.Point3d(3, 0, 0));
var offset = lc.Offset(Rhino.Geometry.Plane.WorldXY, 10, 0.01, Rhino.Geometry.CurveOffsetCornerStyle.Sharp);

This script prints the resulting offset line in normal Rhino environment. But in Rhino Inside, the output is null. What could be the issue?

Hi @changhun.lee,

What application are you running the Rhino WIP inside of?

– Dale