Rhino inside (multiple core instances)

Im using rhino inside in combination with Tekla Structures. So the problem i have is that i have 2 seperate tools that calls the RhinoCore. I use this line for initializing it.

_rhinoCore = new RhinoCore(new string { “/NOSPLASH” }, Rhino.Runtime.InProcess.WindowStyle.NoWindow);

So the following problem occurs:

  • If i run tool A before tool B, Tool A works. If i try Tool B, everything crashes.
  • If i run tool B before tool A, Tool B works. If i try Tool A, eveything crashes.

I did make some changes where i call the rhino core. That resulted not in a crash anymore but in the message: ‘Your account has a license already in use’.

So Tool A keeps the license busy and therefor tool B can’t use it anymore.

Other thing i tried was te create a seperate DLL that handles the Core logic with a singleton class. But that didnt work either.

Conclusion. Im clueless how to handle this correctly and hoping someone can help me out with this!