Rhino.Inside.JavaScript Samples

You might be interested in running Rhino and Grasshopper inside various JavaScript Runtimes / Frameworks (Node.js, Electron, Chromium Embedded Framework):

Thanks to @kike and @will for getting the samples ready for the public.



Hey there. I thought this might be a good moment to talk about these samples for a bit. I’ve been working to get a feed from speckle and load it first into a rhino.inside model where I’d have a speckle node loaded. That would be a hacky, but sure fire way of having a way of loading things from a single button in the Speckle admin.

While playing around with the samples there are some things that no longer work and that I had to fix. First off, a change in three.js - https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js/wiki/Migration-Guide r109 > 110 The second constructor parameter domElement is now mandatory. This is a breaking change causing Electron.js to no longer work.

Funny even after fixing this and doing the build some stuff refuses to work appropriately. I’ve had to do a number of changes to make sure that things works. Is anyone still monitoring this?

Thanks for letting us know. Three.js changes every month, Rhino.Inside almost as frequently and Rhino WIP every day. It would probably be a good time to update all of the samples. If I had to bet, it’s failing to find Rhino in the assembly resolving code cause Rhino now is in a folder called Rhino 7 WIP.

I’ll go through and update them.


@salazar.riva Just posting to let you know that the samples have been updated to use the assembly resolver. I’ve gone through and also fixed an issue with the threejs orbit controls.

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