Rhino inside + Human UI - Select graphic element in REVIT

I would like to prepare HumanUI Rhino.InsidePickButton to have possibility to select Revit elements and also selection filters from HumanUI interface. I have duplicated HUI_RhPickButton and called it HUI_RhInsidePickButton and tried to change the code but despite Rhino.Inside nuget installation the namespace RhinoInside.Revit.External.UI.Selection to use PickObject method is not available.

I would like to prepare left click Human UI button menu the same like at Rhino.Inside to get opportunity to Select One Object, Multiple Object and also selectionFilters.

Unfortunately I have only basic knowledge of C# with Rhino.Inside API so any help and suggestion are welcome.

I’ve tried to find on Rhino.Inside Github Repository code responsible for Graphical Element to better understand the construction left click button and access menu. Unfortunately I couldn’t find it.

I really appreciate to sending the link to that part of repository.

I’m sending link to Github repository where I’m working on this HumanUI button. I will be grateful for every help.