Rhino in background


Ever time I open Rhino it will be in the background and not in front.
Is there a code for startup that always lets rhino be on top on startup.

Maybe something that I can add when my plugin starts?

( Protected Overrides Function OnLoad(ByRef errorMessage As String) As Rhino.PlugIns.LoadReturnCode)


I also see this from time-to-time. But its not consistent, and I have not been diligent enough to figure out a pattern.

With all of Windows security features, you might find it difficult to add something to your plug-in to always bring Rhino to the front. But most likely it will involve p/invoke and some Win32 function, such as SetWindowPos().

Thought of something like that. I need this because else my “Manager” stays on top and I’m afraid people will close it to get to Rhino. And my plugin gets a lot of information out of my “Manager”.

Thanks for your answer Dale.