Rhino hatch to corel

I have problem with hatches, when exporting to Corel. I use .ai when exporting.
curves in Rhino:
hatch in Rhino:

Is this Rhino or Corel problem?

I don’t want to export only curves and fill in Corel…
I’d like to export sharp edges, but very often not possible. Tiny fillets sometimes solves the problem, but not allways. Sometimes I rebuild/simplify curves in Rhino, sometimes it solves the problem… Why it does not work? In this case I can’t simplify curves more seen in the picture…

Any tips?

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I don’t have Corel here to test but I’m wondering if using the Convert command first to convert the curves to lines and arcs solves the issue? There are options in the command line to control the conversion.

Did a quick test and I think the problem lies in the communication between AI and Corel. Corel prefers AI version 10. After exporting from Rhino then converting to version 10 in Illustrator (CS6), it came into Corel (X15) fine.