Rhino Hatch to AuotCAD no area

When I export hatch from Rhino to AutoCAD dwg, it works but the hatch in AuotCAD don’t have any area at all, is there a way to export it to AutoCAD and still have the area.

Please advise

Are you sure Hatch object has area at all?

regenerate the hatch boundary in autocad perhaps? or export a polyline along with said hatch.

The poly line is exported along with the hatch, it’s easy to regenerate the hatch boundary if it’s a couple of elements not over 200 item.

I even exported only one hatch from Rhino and it has no area alson

If you modify (move a end point or side) the Hatch in Autocad at all it generates the Area info. I tried moving 0,0 & scaling but no luck.