Rhino/Grasshopper >> Minecraft

Dear all,

we are looking to use the computer game Minecraft for our online teaching. I was wondering if anybody already to exchanged Geometries between Rhino/Grasshopper and Minecraft or already spend some thoughts on making these two sets of programs working together or building some tools?

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The guys from a 2016 paper entitled “20,000 Blocks: Can gameplay be used to guide non-expert groups in creating architecture?” seem to have spent some thoughts on this. They mention the pymclevel python library and the addon Millipede from David Vierra.

Hope it helps if you were not already aware.

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Not really sure but i guess there were some guys that have done this thing. However i am not really sure. I do not really know what you should do in order to get the right result in this case actually. I do think that the guys who tried to do it said that they had some real problems regarding the coding, i do not know how to get the right one actually. I guess the guys from http://ggservers.com could actually help you. They also used to do different ‘‘experiments’’ similar to this one. I guess that doing it with the grasshoper is way better.

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There is no other forum on the internet with such resourceful users as the Rhino forum.