Rhino Gold Crash on start up

Since last night my pc doesn’t open RhinoGold but it opens Rhinoceros 5 like no problem. I have no clue on why it’s not opening and just crashes. And does it everytime I try to open Rhino 6. Please help

Hi -

Do you know what happened with your PC right before that? Did you install a Windows update, for example? It is possible that something messed with your OpenGL drivers so I would suggest making sure that all Windows updates are completely installed and then update your GPU drivers.

I had it opened and then I closed the file I had open and then I tried to open it, it didn’t want to. I checked all my updates and nothing did an update to my drivers and no difference.

Hi - I’m not familiar with Rhino Gold so I will have to narrow this down to only Rhino. From your original description, I’m not sure if simply starting Rhino 6 will crash right away. Is that what is happening or are you staring Rhino by opening a specific file in Windows Explorer?
Can you start Rhino 6 in safe mode?