Rhino Geometry Omni Viewer


Rhino Geometry Omni Viewer see all geometry without unhiding; or turning on and off layers
I have often wished we could see geometry without unhiding objects and turning layers on and off.

Well turns out Rhino can essentially already do this although I have seen it requested nobody could provide an easy answer until now.

Since we have GH player we could use the Geometry pipeline component and that would allow one to view all the geometry in a file and not have to unhide hidden objects or turn on and off layers.

This is almost there except that the geometry pipline component is missing an outputs for layers and for names. I know it’s easy to python script to get the layers but I want to see where the associated objects for that layer are. This is almost there and would make my life easier as turning on and off layers to find stuff is really a pain in large files.

Please add outputs for layers and names in the geometry pipeline component so we can see on which layer the objects are located on.

This would essentially make a Rhino geometry omni viewer because we can view everything and not have to unhide objects or turn on any layers. And if you could send the layer info we could see where everything is. Same with names we could see all those named objects even if they are hidden or locked and which layers they are on even if turned off.
See attached image