Rhino Freezing after MAKE 2D / Dimensions

Whatever I’m modelling, Rhino becomes unusable after about three hours. The colour wheel keeps appearing every ten seconds and it’s just impossible to work with it. Have done a ClearUndo, no effect. The files are only small, less than 1Mb. No Plugins are being used. Geometry and models are very simple. Just making planar Solids, no fancy stuff.

It might be related to executing MAKE2D and having a number of dimensioned line drawings and Panning the view. But again, they are very simple primary shapes and should be a problem. Simply panning appears to take CPU usage up to 100%

Am using iMAC 3.4GHz, 8GB Memory.

Any thoughts anybody?! Simon

I think this might be related to this issue (MR-2410)…we are investigating. Thanks for reporting…all clues potentially help.

Hi Dan, thank you. Yes, reading MR-2410, I recognise the description of the behaviour. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Same here, was doing make2d the putting some dimensions made the rhino stuck.
same color wheel and nothing else to do but force quit.

Hi Dan, Have seen that you posted a way to recreate a similar problem posted by another user. I’ve followed your method and it does make Rhino unusable. Colour wheel, long delay from command entry to response, etc.
After deleting all the polygons and Save Close a blank document, but keeping Rhino open, Real Mem 1.41GB, Mem 530Mb, Compressed Mem. 115Mb.
I don’t use Rhino so often, but today and yesterday have been working on something - super simple geometry, not much of it at all… and after some time the programme becomes unusable again.
I hope you can get it solved!