Rhino freezes when Duet Display is installed

Hello! I’ve been enjoying the Duet display app (https://www.duetdisplay.com/) which makes a second screen using an iPad connected to USB. It worked nicely with version 5 and 6 and I got used to it. Now after a fresh reinstall of Windows 10, Rhino 6 started freezing after startup. It just stops responding and then can only be terminated from Task manager. After unistalling the Duet display app it runs nicely. I’ve written them what could be the problem and will post their reply once there is one. I’m running Rhino 6 in the High DPI scaling overrinde mode - system.

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mmm I’m not sure but I think is a video driver problem, make sure they are updated.


Any news from duet display about this problem ?

I faced the exact same issue few days ago.


They’ve sent me a newer (possibly beta) version, but it didn’t change a thing… What about you? Any updates?

No updates …