Rhino freezes if va_ commands are run in Layouts

I have been experiencing freezing - Due to VisualArq: regenerating graphics after I accidentally run a VisualArq command while in layouts. I understand now that some VisualArq commands do not work in layouts, but it is a bummer when I accidently run a command and it locks up my Rhino.

I am using Bootcamp Mac

Hi @SuitableConditions ,

Most VisualARQ commands are not valid on layouts, but the behaviour shouldn’t be that Rhino freezes for sure. Neither Bootcamp should be a problem.

Can you send the file to visualarq@asuni.com ?

Does this happen whit a specific command or with any?

Kind regards

I believe I was using a VA annotation command when it occurred.

I think your file uploader is timing out with my file. It is pretty large. Do you have another way of uploading a file? I am happy to send you a Google Drive link via Email.


You can use WeTransfer for example, otherwise a Google Drive link is fine.