Rhino freeze when select a linear quote


I can create a quote, but, iI select one rhino freeze and need to shut down by task manager.
This happen ever in my notebook with quadro m1000m and not in the desktop machine.

Not happen with radial or diametral dimension.



(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Marco - by quote, do you mean a block of text, created using the _Text command?



No, I mean when I select a linear quote.
This appen by almost 15-20 days. But now, probably after a win update, this night. All works fine.

So, sorry for this false alarm.

Thank you


(Pascal Golay) #4

Ah, a linear dimension, maybe? One of these:



Yes it is.
Quote is an italian word :sweat_smile:

But now oll works fine.

Thank you.



Firsto of all, happy new year!!!

It happens again.
I attach a quick video about this.
Just select the dimension and in 3-4 rhino wip freeze. Only thing I can do, is close the rhino windows.

It only appen in my notebook, Dell m5510, with M1000M videocard.

Thank you



It appens anly when the propriety panel is on.
I notice also a very low reactivity when I try to manage the annotation style.

Thank you



Anyone there?

(Wim Dekeyser) #9

Have you tried this with the latest WIP of 2017-01-10?
There have been a lot of changes to this area of Rhino in that version…


Yes also today. Last wip 've benn installed yesterday.
Seems that when I open and modify the annotation style the are some lag (take long time). And sometimes it freze completly rhino.
This appen in both pc I’ve rhino installed, but in the notebook, some times it go into crash.



(Steve Baer) #11

@Alain, have you seen this? It sounds like it is related to the property panel for linear dimensions.


At that time, I’ve understud what is.
Sure, I 've lag, but some time rhino freeze. Go better if I use an external monitor Hd, instead of 4k built in or even external.



(Alain Cormier) #13

Does this happen with all documents or always with the same one. I’m wondering if perhaps some of the data wasn’t written correctly if it was saved with an older version of the WIP.


Happens randomly, with new files, old etc.
I know is the worst cases to understand a possible bug.
I try to understand weel the problem, if I succeed, I’ll come back to you.

Thank you for now.