Rhino for SketchUp Users – Solid Modelling Tools for Architecture

Following the popular first Rhino for SketchUp Users video, Phil Cook of Simply Rhino looks at more Solid Modelling tools for Architecture in the second video in this series.

Adding Detail to your Rhino Model: Using the massing study created in the first video (Push/PullModelling) Phil looks at adding more detail such as wall thicknesses, openings and recesses in walls, glazing details and stairs.

Solid Modelling Tools in Rhino: The solid modelling tools introduced include: Extrude Planar Curve, Shell, Slab, Wire Cut and the Boolean commands.

Setting C Planes in Rhino: Phil also looks at setting construction planes (CPlanes) and creating and saving views with Named Views.

Watch the Solid Modelling Tools for Architecture Video Tutorial…

Posted Jun 15, 2023 by Delia Robalo on Rhino News, etc.